Open Water Festival
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Apr 14 2018
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Race No
Gen Pos
1103Spencer Howery16:12.7Male1Fs All Star Team AMen 3
2110Jacob Pishko16:14.7Male2Fs All Star Team AMen 3
3114Riley Sampson16:15.2Male3Fs All Star Team AMen 3
4104Evan Keough16:22.0Male4Fs All Star Team AMen 3
5119Andrew Taylor16:23.0Male5Fs All Star Team AMen 3
6196Leo Luna16:28.9Male6South Texas AMen 9
7204Nick Solis16:31.3Male7South Texas AMen 9
8205Jackson Stallworth16:34.0Male8South Texas AMen 9
9145Caroline Benda16:43.4Female1Md Swim-MDWom 9
1077E. Rodriguez16:46.1Male9FGC-FG Relay BMen 2
1195Blair Stoneburg16:49.7Female2Fs All Star Team AWom 3
12161Brooke Shinnick16:50.0Female3Md Swim-MDWom 9
1397Kelsey Swartout16:50.9Female4Fs All Star Team AWom 3
1486Mckenna Fiore16:51.3Female5Fs All Star Team AWom 3
1557E Trieschmann16:59.7Female6FGC-FGWom 1
1655M Schleicher17:01.6Female7FGC-FGWom 1
1763C Edwards17:11.2Male10FGC-FG Relay BMen 2
1864T Edwards17:19.0Male11FGC-FGMen 1
1962D Bono17:19.8Male12FGC-FGMen 1
20167John Fitzsimmons17:20.9Male13Md Swim-MDMen 12
21157Alexandra Warma17:21.1Female8Md Swim-MDWom 9
22135James Gottfried17:30.5Male14Gulf Swimming-GUMen 6
2371A Mateus17:34.5Male15FGC-FG Relay BMen 2
24141Connor Scott17:34.6Male16Gulf Swimming-GUMen 6
25143Jace Walker17:36.8Male17Gulf Swimming-GUMen 6
2669N. Kjaerulff17:39.2Male18FGC-FGMen 1
2745R Barnhardt17:42.0Female9FGC-FGWom 1
28190Landon Alarcon17:42.4Male19South Texas AMen 9
29206Ian Stewart17:47.7Male20South Texas AMen 9
30179Benjamin Spragg17:52.9Male21Md Swim-MDMen 12
31169John Koebel17:53.9Male22Md Swim-MDMen 12
3290Carly Joerin17:56.5Female10Fs All Star Team AWom 3
33158Mary Henley18:05.0Female11Md Swim-MDWom 9
3442S Acevedo18:08.8Female12FGC-FG Relay BWom 2
35191Anderson Brown18:09.6Male23South TexasMen 8
36193Bueky Gellys18:13.7Male24South TexasMen 8
3754M Proscia18:14.2Female13FGC-FG Relay BWom 2
3850P Munna18:18.6Female14FGC-FG Relay BWom 2
39144Marco Warna18:18.7Male25Gulf Swimming -GUMen 6
40139Gary Jones18:39.7Male26Gulf Swimming - GU Relay BMen 5
41136William Handu18:46.8Male27Gulf Swimming - GU Relay BMen 5
42326Havana Layton18:52.0Female15T2 - AWom 10
43198Nathan Mcgrath18:53.2Male28South TexasMen 8
44123Kylee Graffmiller18:53.8Female16Gulf Swimming-GUWom 7
45122Ella Flowers18:57.9Female17Gulf Swimming-GUWom 7
4658E Trombly19:00.2Female18FGC-FG Relay BWom 2
47138Gabriel Jesurum19:01.0Male29Gulf Swimming - GU Relay BMen 5
48112Zachary Roberts19:06.0Male30Fs All Star Team BMen 4
49131Kayley Radford19:08.6Female19Gulf Swimming-GUWom 7
50134Sophia Valenzuela19:11.7Female20Gulf Swimming-GUWom 7
Page 1 of 3 (101 items)

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