Market to Market Relay Iowa
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May 11 2013
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1302 Brown Chicken Brown Cow06:40:15.01Open115:32 min/m
2303 NDORFNZ Coed07:30:18.20Mixed126:13 min/m
3305 High Voltage Running Club07:46:57.94Mixed236:27 min/m
4306 The Elephant in the Room07:50:23.25Open246:30 min/m
5307 Team NDORFNZ Masters07:51:31.02Masters156:31 min/m
6304 H&B All Stars07:55:08.13Masters266:34 min/m
7289 The Dashing Divas08:06:28.27Mixed376:43 min/m
8287 Manning Mafia08:08:14.57Mixed486:45 min/m
9288 The GOATs08:16:34.49Mixed596:52 min/m
10290 We are Runners08:31:57.38Open3107:04 min/m
11292 TEAM SWEEPERS08:33:30.69Open4117:06 min/m
12291 Waveland Park08:36:19.32Masters3127:08 min/m
13251 Above and Beyond Cancer-Imja Tse08:37:26.00Mixed6137:09 min/m
14301 Binders full of Runners08:40:07.60Mixed7147:11 min/m
15253 Twisted Blister08:41:07.07Open5157:12 min/m
16293 Speedo Heroes08:46:34.51Corporate1167:16 min/m
17261 Feeling Good Looking Better08:47:38.42Mixed8177:17 min/m
18294 PowHer Fitness08:50:24.42Mixed9187:20 min/m
19252 Reticulated Giraffes08:55:26.63Women1197:24 min/m
20257 Relativistic Physicists08:57:20.58Academic1207:25 min/m
21256 What Time is Breakfast08:58:15.78Mixed10217:26 min/m
22259 Team Skid-Mark09:01:39.49Open6227:29 min/m
23262 Speedy Streakers09:02:06.80Mixed11237:29 min/m
24153 Big Slick09:02:28.91Open7247:30 min/m
25295 We Are Runners too09:03:15.30Open8257:30 min/m
26260 Running with Chubbies09:05:08.88Open9267:32 min/m
27225 Hurts So Good09:06:20.31Open10277:33 min/m
28266 Mixed Nuts09:07:08.92Open11287:34 min/m
29297 Flynn Wright09:07:21.11Corporate2297:34 min/m
30250 Rib Shack Smokies09:08:26.78Open12307:35 min/m
31299 Irish We Were Finished!09:09:49.80Open13317:36 min/m
32218 Fool Runnings09:09:57.52Mixed12327:36 min/m
33300 Hy-Vee09:10:21.97Corporate3337:36 min/m
34281 Team Schmitz09:12:17.01Open14347:38 min/m
35268 Running Sucks09:12:49.39Mixed13357:38 min/m
36187 D4 Joggercisers09:13:15.54Mixed14367:39 min/m
37217 Vamonos!09:19:19.57Mixed15377:44 min/m
38272 Speedy EvisceRacin'09:19:35.47Mixed16387:44 min/m
39255 Incredibles09:21:52.89Mixed17397:46 min/m
40254 Run Like Hell09:22:11.77Women Masters1407:46 min/m
41152 Team Fat Hog09:24:52.44Open15417:48 min/m
42220 Road Warriors09:25:30.45Corporate4427:49 min/m
43284 Integer Cross Crountry09:26:18.20Mixed18437:49 min/m
44216 The Runs09:28:13.00Open16447:51 min/m
45258 Run with the Animals09:28:48.80Masters4457:52 min/m
46282 TEAM BISHOP (and a Byerly)09:28:51.56Mixed19467:52 min/m
47157 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles09:29:01.21Open17477:52 min/m
48280 Above & Beyond09:30:25.09Mixed20487:53 min/m
49298 Dino's Storage09:32:22.09Open18497:54 min/m
50270 Tortoises and O'Hares09:33:49.28Mixed21507:56 min/m
Page 1 of 5 (206 items)

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